Solanga Solar Jar™

MODEL: F10062

  • Price : R345.00



The Solanga Solar Jar™ is primarily a reading light and portable lantern designed to outperform and replace candles and paraffin lamps. Its a fun and sustainable, alternative and affordable light source.


  • Dome Housing: protects electronics
  •  Stainless steel lid - Rustproof and rainproof
  •  Long lasting Li-Ion battery safe for air travel (Up to 12 hours when fully charged)
  •  Battery heartbeat indicator: 5 flashes = 100% full 1 flash = low battery
  •  Can be charged using the integrated micro-USB port
  •  Day/Night Energy saving feature

Decoration(s) NOT included

Weight: 0.8kgs   Width: 12cm   Height: 18cm   Depth: 12cm